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Who has acne?
Acne is a very common problem.

According to the National Institute of Health, 17 million people in the US are afflicted with Acne Vulgaris. Over 80% of the population aged 14-30 will suffer from acne regardless of gender, skin type, or geography and 25% will have scars. Traditional topical applications and oral drug therapies can have negative side effects and can take at least 3 months of continuous treatments while conditions often worsen before they improve. To achieve optimum results, we provide the latest in acne treatments in Winter Park, Florida. Light therapy is the best-proven treatment for acne because it goes deeper to kill p-bacteria and shrink oil glands not only reducing current break-outs but preventing future break-outs as well.

How does Palomar’s Lux V acne treatment work to clear acne?

The Palomar LuxV dual-band handpiece employs a broad spectrum of light to attack acne on two fronts: The LuxV’s short wavelength is ideal for absorption by porphyrins (p.bacteria); this destroys p. acne bacteria for a quick reduction of current acne breakouts.

The longer wavelength penetrates deeper into the hyperactive sebaceous glands (that produce oil) and slows down their metabolism to prevent future acne from forming and shrinks the oil glands to limit the over-production of oil in the skin.

The treatments are very simple, virtually painless, and usually, last anywhere from 10-60 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. The light is simply placed over a spot of the treatment area and flashed. When the entire treatment area has been flashed twice, the treatment is over.

Along with all other services we offer Jaw contour Treatment and Botox treatment also to make your face smile beautiful.

Before and after Acne

Before and After

How effective is the Acne Treatment?

Very effective. FDA approved technology provides up to 90% clearing of inflammatory acne lesions in only 1/3 the time it takes for standard topical and oral treatments, without adverse side effects. In addition, it is proven to be more effective in the treatment of acne than other phototherapy systems. While most antibiotics and topicals only kill the present acne break-outs, photo-therapy cures the acne at the root of the problem.

Levulan® Photodynamic Therapy for Severe or Cystic Acne Vulgaris
The Levulan ALA topical solution is applied to the affected areas. It is left on the skin for up to an hour, and then an intense pulsed light treatment is applied too. The treatment is relatively painless, although sensations like tingling, stinging and burning can be felt on the areas being treated. Afterward, there is generally redness, some peeling, and sometimes swelling.

Levulan ALA acne scar laser treatment works by selectively targeting the sebaceous glands that it is absorbed into. It is converted into a photosensitizer when it has been absorbed, and the IPL then activates it. This leads to the shrinking of the sebaceous glands and the destruction of p-bacteria which improves acne.

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How many treatments are required?

On average, 1-5 treatments every 2-3 weeks are required in moderate to severe acne cases. Results are usually visible after 1 to 5 treatments and will continue to improve even after your final treatment session. Schedule a complimentary consultation to get an individual treatment plan for your acne.

Acne treatment Cost: Pricing is based on Complimentary consultation, size of the area, and a number of treatments, please call for an estimate. *Levulan is an additional cost.

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