Get Galderma Restylane Kysse Lip Fillers from Wymore Laser

Galderma Kysse is a clear, biodegradable, injectable gel of hyaluronic acid cross-linked with BDDE ingredients. It helps in lip augmentation and smoothening of wrinkles in the perioral lines.

Its results are instant, and they last for 6-12 months, making it the longest-lasting lip filler on the market today. To add fullness to the lips and remove wrinkles on the perioral lines, Kysse Galderma is injected into these facial areas using an ultrafine needle.

The procedure is painless and takes roughly one hour. Restylane Kysse lip gel contains lidocaine that helps numb the skin, and your doctor will, in most cases, apply an anesthetic to help minimize discomfort.

It is made using the XpresHAn technology that allows for flexibility in movement and helps give the lips a natural-looking texture.

Maintaining Galderma Restylane Kysse fillers

Restylane Kysse Galderma treatment needs adequate care and maintenance like any other dermal filler. To ensure it serves you long, make an effort to minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays, maintain a consistent skincare routine, drink plenty of water, moisturize your lips and do your regular touch-ups.


Galderma Restylane Kysse gel should only be used in patients aged 21 years and above. It’s, however, not fit for people with a history of severe allergies to anaphylaxis or lidocaine. During injection, the gel should not be inserted into a blood vessel. Patients suffering from bleeding disorders and any other form of blood disorder should also avoid using this gel.

Upon treatment, avoid scratching the injection area as this may cause swelling and redness on the site.

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