Galderma Defyne

Galderma Defyne Filler

As humans age, their facial skin starts to lose its volume and elasticity, and as a result, “laugh lines” begin to appear. These creases can run from one side of your nose to the corners of your mouth and become more and more pronounced as time goes by.

Using a dermal filler such as Defyne Galderma will help smooth out the folds and wrinkles and restore you to your natural, soft, and youthful look.

Galderma Defyne fillers are effective for up to 12 months. Still, you are advised to first speak with your doctor before going through the treatment to identify the specific lines on your face that are appropriate for the treatment.

How is it done?

Galderma Defyne fillers are injected into your face through a small needle, which takes about 30 minutes. The fillers can also be used to enhance chin projection by using cross-linking technology.

Defyne Galderma contains HA or Hyaluronic acid that’s the best option for restoring a natural, youthful appearance. This is because HA is a naturally occurring sugar substance found on your skin. It is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and volume.

So, injecting it back causes your skin to simply “bounce back” to how it was before.

It would be best to find a board-certified dermatologist to perform this procedure for excellent results and safety.

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