Battle the Holiday Bulge with CoolSculpting at Wymore Laser – The Best Orlando CoolSculpting Elite Spa!

by | Jan 9, 2023 | CoolSculpting

The holidays are over; they brought us family gatherings, festive parties, and of course, all the delicious treats we’ve come to love. While it was a joyous time for many, it left most with unwanted holiday bulges lingering long after the season.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it; CoolSculpting from Wymore Laser and Anti-Aging Medicine in Orlando is one of the best options for getting rid of excess fat without surgery or downtime. After all, this is the best Orlando CoolSculpting elite spa.

The wymore laser was recently voted Orlando’s elite medical spa for 2020 and 2021. Our mission is for you to enjoy your experience and leave our offices feeling and looking better than you did when you arrived.

Our medical spa treatments in Orlando are performed with the latest cutting-edge, non-surgical, safe, and effective laser technology guaranteed to give you the most desired results. All our procedures are under the supervision of board-certified physicians.


What is Coolsculpting? 

CoolSculpting is an innovative technique that uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime or recovery period.

Moreover, it’s a safe and effective way to target areas like your abdomen, flanks (love handles), arms, thighs, chin, and more without falling under the knife.


Benefits of CoolSculpting 

Orlando CoolSculpting offers several benefits over traditional body sculpting techniques, such as liposuction. These include:

No Anesthesia Required

Since no incisions are necessary with CoolSculpting and skin tightening, anesthesia isn’t needed, making the procedure safe.

Minimal discomfort

The CoolSculpting treatment itself involves minimal discomfort as cooling plates are applied to your skin, gently suctioning away fat cells in targeted areas. After the procedure, there may be some mild swelling, numbness, and redness, but this should subside within a few days.

Gradual Results

After treatment from the nearest CoolSculpting provider in Orlando, you will start seeing the results after a couple of weeks. You have to give your body time to eliminate the fat cells.

Long-Lasting Results

The fat cells removed during CoolSculpting in Orlando cannot grow back. They will not return after being eliminated from your body, thus providing long-lasting results. But there’s a catch: You must maintain healthy lifestyle habits post-treatment.

Safe & FDA approved

Unlike other procedures, such as liposuction involving incisions, CoolSculpting, and skin tightening is minimally invasive, making them safer than many other options on the market today.

The FDA has also cleared them for use on specific areas of the body, so you can rest assured knowing you are receiving quality care from CoolSculpting providers in Orlando, such as Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine in Orlando.


Why Choose Wymore Laser? 

Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine in Orlando provides elite spa treatments, including CoolSculpting services designed to help clients look and feel their best!

As one of the nearest CoolSculpting providers in Orlando, we offer personalized consultations coupled with special price packages tailored specifically to each patient’s needs.

With us, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need to achieve those desired results! Not only do we provide superior services, but we also take pride in maintaining state-of-the-art equipment so our clients receive top-notch treatments each time!


Ready to Get Started? 

If you’re ready to start battling those holiday bulges, don’t wait any longer. Call Wymore Laser & Anti Aging Medicine – the best Orlando CoolSculpting elite spa!

We shall provide you with more information on our incredible offers regarding CoolScuptping. Our team of expert medical professionals works with each patient individually to ensure maximum post-treatment satisfaction.

At Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine, everyone deserves to look their best this season!

Other services offered at our facility include:

We would love to work with you on your new year goals! Go on, give us a call today!


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