Revolutionizing ToeNail Fungus Therapy

Bid farewell to toenail fungus with advanced laser therapy—non-invasive, fast, and effective.

Understanding Laser Onychomycosis Treatment:

Laser Onychomycosis treatment employs Nd:YAG laser light to swiftly and effectively combat toenail fungus, restoring toenails to their pristine state.

How ClearSteps Works:

Utilizing deep, pulse-profile heating, the laser penetrates the toenail bed, eliminating parasitic fungi and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

The Treatment Process:

  • Toenail Preparation: Filing down the toenail allows for optimal laser penetration.
  • Laser Application: The Nd:YAG laser pulses across the entire toenail, targeting fungal infection.
  • Tissue Treatment: Laser pulses are directed around the toenail bed to eliminate any residual fungus.

Number of Sessions Required:

Typically, four sessions are performed at weekly intervals to ensure comprehensive treatment. Laser therapy effectively treats both toenail and skin tissue affected by fungal infection

Benefits of Laser Treatment:

  • Complete fungal elimination
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No chemicals or oral medication required
  • Stimulates natural growth and immune processes
  • Fast, effective, and painless

Safety and Effectiveness:

Nd:YAG laser treatment offers unparalleled success rates compared to traditional methods. With no oral medications or chemicals involved, it boasts a safe and patient-friendly approach to onychomycosis treatment.


Understanding Onychomycosis:

  • Toenail fungal infection, often asymptomatic
  • Primarily affects the big toe, resembling psoriasis or trauma
  • Diagnosis confirmed through tests like Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS)

Causes and Symptoms:

  • Fungi are ubiquitous, thriving in warm, moist environments
  • Infected toenails exhibit brittleness, discoloration, or separation from the skin

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Treatment Comparison:

  • Topical treatments: Limited penetration and daily application required
  • Oral medications: Potential side effects including liver damage
  • Surgical or chemical toenail removal: Traumatic and ineffective
  • Laser therapy: Minimal pain, short treatment times, and no downtime reported


  • Drugs altering skin sensitivity to light or metabolism
  • Presence of cancer or pre-cancerous lesions in the treatment area
  • Herpes simplex, risk of keloid scars, pregnancy, epilepsy, skin lesions, intense tan, recent hair removal

Pre and Post-Treatment Care:

  • Pre-Treatment: Check indications and contraindications, remove lotions, cosmetics, and dry the area thoroughly. Remove metal objects, cover skin lesions, wear protective goggles.
  • Post-Treatment: Apply lenitive cream or lotion, consider ice pack application, avoid irritation, evaluate sun-blocking, and wear protective goggles.

Don’t let toenail fungus hold you back—embrace laser onychomycosis treatment for clear, healthy toenails. Say hello to confidence and goodbye to fungal infections.

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