Stretch mark / scar removal
Have you been putting up with your stretch marks for years and years? With so many medical advancements in recent years, it’s easier than ever to get stretch mark removal. Quick and efficient, you won’t have to worry about down time or what your body will look like in a bikini. Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine will walk you through the process from start to finish, and let you know what to expect.

Stretch Mark Removal in Orlando

Stretch marks can appear at any age on any person, no matter their medical history. Stretch marks are indented streaks that form on the abdomen, hips, breasts, buttocks and other locations on the body. Most often stretch marks will appear on pregnant women during their final trimester. You typically won’t feel any pain associated with these marks, but the appearance is usually off-putting for most. They can sometimes fade over time, but don’t completely disappear either. Stretch marks can appear darker than others, depending on why and where they are. The length of time you’ve had them, where on your body they are, what caused them to appear and the type of your skin can all play a role in how dark they appear. Most stretch marks have a pink or white color to them, but can sometimes appear more red, black, blue or purple in hue. Females are more likely to develop them as males, especially if you become pregnant at an earlier age. Anyone can experience stretch marks, especially if you go through rapid weight loss or gain, or rapid growth in adolescence.

Orlando Laser Stretch Mark Removal

The actual removal of stretch marks isn’t complicated at all. Speaking with your doctor, you can outline a plan on seeking removal of your marks, and what to expect during and after the procedures. You will most likely need multiple appointments to seek results, but they are typically short sessions, lasting around 15-30 minutes. The laser will emit a strong burst of light at a certain wavelength or color. Through this use of lasers, it breaks down the stretch marks, producing new tissue production under the skin. This new collagen being produced will smooth out the skin and help improve texture and color. Depending on the stretch marks you’re dealing with, different wavelengths, frequency and durations will be used to properly diminish light or dark colored stretch marks. These procedures are nonsurgical and leave you ready to get back to everyday tasks. Most people experience some swelling and redness on the areas lasered, but that’s all. The procedure is pain-free as well, with some people experiencing slight discomfort, there is no serious pain at all throughout the process.

Get Your Body Back

Gain a better sense of yourself and your body through laser stretch mark removal. You can achieve the smooth, mark free skin you’ve always dreamed about without having to commit to a lengthy or expensive beauty regimen. Seeking a laser treatment option gives you short sessions with highly visible results. Although the stretch marks won’t technically go completely away, they are barely visible after your laser treatments. And if you suffer from darker-shaded stretch marks, you’ll want results like these.

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Are you ready to do something and seek stretch mark removal? Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine can help. With decades of experience under our belts, we can assist you in achieving the beauty results you may have only dreamed about. Call or visit us today!

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