Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

by | Nov 16, 2020 | laser hair removal near me

Tired of shaving your legs? Or maybe you have that pesky hair right above the mustache you’re sick and tired of seeing? While laser hair removal is the answer you’ve been looking for, Wymore Laser & anti-Aging Med suggest these tips for Orlando.

Laser Hair Removal Tips

It wasn’t uncommon you had to go into laser hair removal clinics multiple times to simply remove a section of hair on your body and reduce it’s growth. You had to upkeep the treatments, but now, technology has come a long way. Now you can benefit and be left hairless after the first round of treatments with minimal follow ups. Thank you advancements in technology!

So the next question might be, how long does it last? The potential for permanent results is there, however, depending on the person, some require infrequent touch ups. Laser treatment is the only known treatment that comes to permanent and long-lasting hair reduction. 

While you may still be questioning, how many treatments does it really take to get permanent hair removal? The average is about 50% of patients were done after four treatments, while 100% were done after eight. Now, results are much faster than they used to be.

While it may be permanent, if you have a baby, the hormonal changes will bring new and unwanted hair. So after you have an infant, you will discover some new patches of hair, even if you went through treatments prior.

Any Preventions From Getting Treatments?

When laser hair removal was first introduced, it only worked on light skin. Now, the treatment works for everyone! It is available for all skin types, and it’s safe and effective. While laser hair removal is more inclusive, it should still be known that it isn’t for everyone. If you have extremely light hair, it’s best to skip this treatment. For blond, white, or gray, no treatments will work.

Although, coarse hair will give you the best results. Such as the upper lip, chin, bikini line, sideburns, all of these will yield great results! They do require some maintenance treatments, but only because of the fine hairs.

After treatments, you will notice some swelling, redness, but only around the hair follicles. The best way to think of it is goosebumps. This is a good thing, this is the desired result of the endpoint and will give you a great response. It will only last for 24 hours.

While you may feel some discomfort during the session, getting treatment kind of feels like getting snapped with a rubber band. The difference is that the machines now go very fast, and you don’t have to endure the machine for very long. Remove all hair and be done within five minutes.

 How to Prep

Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med have you covered with prepping for laser hair removal treatment. Hold off doing any hair-removal retouines, such as waxing the night before your appointment. But do shave the night before the appointment. The machine will focus right on the hair root. We service Orlando with our best products and quality staff. Call to book your appointment with us!

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