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by | Dec 1, 2020 | body sculpting orlando

Are you tired of feeling flabby? Do you ever wish there were a way to spot-treat one problematic part of your body? Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine has the solution for you! As a leading provider of fat reduction and body toning services, our professionals have the technology and the expertise to help you achieve the body you want. We are the best in Orlando!


Body Toning Technology Is Easy And Effective

Nobody said working out is easy, and especially when it comes to your core, sometimes it isn’t even enough. It’s discouraging to put in all the effort to maintain a vigorous regiment of crunches – and then not even have that six-pack to show for it. There’s a simpler way to tone your torso, and happily, it doesn’t require a single push-up. Evolve Tone is a new technology for the body contouring Orlando residents want come swimsuit season. Instead of hitting the gym every morning, get your body sculpted in our easy treatment sessions. You will increase muscle strength, enhance tone, and look chiseled – all without the endless exercise.


How It Works

The science behind Evolve Tone is stimulated, involuntary muscle contraction. First, we strap the Evolve Tone device to whatever part of the body you would like to tighten up; you can even address multiple areas in one session if desired. You can target your upper arms, your flanks, your buttocks, or your abdomen. Once activated, the Evolve Tone device transmits electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) directly to your skin, which contracts your muscles, much as a situp would do to your abs. However, Evolve Tone can contract your muscles faster and longer than you could on your own, achieving the results of thousands of crunches in one session! Electrical involuntary muscle contraction is the next best solution to a surgical procedure for body contouring. Orlando residents are turning to Evolve Tone more and more to avoid an expensive, invasive option like surgery. Instead of going under the knife to sculpt your abs, let the Evolve Tone technology do the work for you.


Finding The Right Treatment Plan 

As with all of our services, we customize the Evolve Tone treatment to reflect your desires and goals. Depending on the kind of result you seek, we may recommend scheduling a series of sessions or targeting a few different areas. Generally, you will feel like you’re working out as the device contracts your muscles. Most patients are comfortable during the treatment and don’t experience pain, but the intensity can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can expect to see jaw-dropping results shortly after your first few sessions, with increasing improvements after each session.


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Are you interested in body contouring? Orlando is home to Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine, your comprehensive clinic for all kinds of beauty treatments such as hair removal, acne reduction, jaw contouring, body toning, and so much more. Call or visit us today at 407-622-2252 to learn more, and start the journey to your beach body!


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