Chemical Peeling is a treatment that is used in improving a person’s skin. Spas have now introduced the chemical peel process as part of their spa treatments. Suppose you are looking for a spa that offers a safe yet effective chemical peel for your skin. In that case, we at Wymore Laser and Anti-Aging Medicine offer medical spa chemical peels and have crafted the perfect solution to give your skin that soft, smooth glow that you would expect after a chemical peel.

Many things need to be considered by clients before they opt for the chemical peel process, and its suitability also varies amongst clients. To make life simpler and easier, we have compiled a quick guide to help you resolve your confusion and queries regarding the chemical peel process.


What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peel spa in Winter Park

If you have heard of chemical peels or chemical exfoliation and wonder what it is, you have come to the appropriate place. As mentioned above, a chemical solution is applied to your skin. The solution works its way through your skin, causing blisters, trauma, and injuries that are then peeled off, revealing the fresher, glowing, and smoother skin curtained behind the damaged skin. All the wrinkles and lines on your skin are guaranteed to fade away to an extent after each chemical peel process is completed. The new skin that is unveiled will be free of uneven skin tones and scars.


Application of the chemical solution

The chemical solution prepared for the chemical peel process can be applied to various parts of your body, depending on the needs and desires of the client. While ideally, most skin treatments are crafted while keeping the face in mind, this chemical solution can be applied on the neck and hands too.

If the application process is done on the face, the solution works its way through your under eyes, getting rid of any dark patches, under-eye lines and wrinkles etc. Like most skin treatments, this solution also aims to heal the sun damage done to your skin, regardless of where the solution is applied. Be it acne, scars, or anything similar; this chemical peel process will help you diminish it.


After Care of the Chemical Peel Process

Once you find a spa that does chemical peel near me and you get the chemical peel process done, there will be certain precautions that you will have to take immediately after the treatment. Since your skin has just been exposed to some changes, it is natural for the skin to act extra sensitive. The rays in sunlight can be detrimental to your skin, and thus it is a must for you to wear sunscreen, even if you are stepping out in the sun for a short while.

The sunscreen that you utilize must have a “broad spectrum” label on it to effectively protect the sun’s UVB and UVA rays from coming into contact with your skin. While SPF levels should be checked before applying sunscreen, the SPF level acceptable after the chemical peel is anything above 30. Another small tip to protect your skin is to avoid coming into contact with the sun, especially during 10 am and 2 pm.


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Now that you have an idea of the chemical peel process, if you are looking for a medical spa to get the treatment done, we would highly recommend you give us a try. We have many experts on board with us who can guide you and enhance your knowledge about the process while helping resolve any fears and queries you may have!

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