The best way to treat wrinkles around your face

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Are your facial wrinkles making you feel bad about yourself? Do you want younger-looking skin? At Wymore Laser and Anti-Aging Medicine, we have got you covered! With multiple available treatments for wrinkles, we can help you return to your younger and smoother skin within no time. We believe in giving our clients the results they desire, and for this reason, we have developed multiple strategies and treatments that are altered according to what the client wants and what will suit them best.

To help you make your decision about getting rid of facial wrinkles and what treatment you should opt for, we have compiled a list of different available treatments for wrinkles so that you can make a well informed decision.


Different Types of Facial Wrinkles

There is a widespread belief that wrinkles are caused by an excessive amount of laughing and smiling. However, this is not the case, and aging has the most prominent role to play in your wrinkles. In addition to this, lifestyle changes and your genes also play a part in your wrinkles. However, there is no need to ponder over it since multiple cosmetic treatments are available for wrinkles that can help you eliminate this natural aging process and make you look younger.

There are mainly three types of wrinkles that form on your face. These include wrinkles that form alongside your mouth and become highly apparent when you smile or laugh. Secondly, there are marionette lines which refer to the wrinkles that form between your chins and lips and are usually vertical. Lastly, we have lipstick lines that usually form above your upper lip. The leading cause behind these lipstick lines is smoking or puckering.


Available treatments for Wrinkles

The cosmetic surgery field has evolved tremendously over the years, and many treatments are now available to help people say goodbye to their facial wrinkles. Some of these methods include chemical peel, which peels away the top layer of your skin, leaving fresher and smoother skin. Next, we have dermabrasion which relies on an extensive exfoliation technique. Both chemical peeling and dermabrasion treat sun-damaged and dry skin as well as wrinkles.

If dermabrasion does not work for you, you can also turn to microdermabrasion. Still, the difference here is that instead of using a brush, as dermabrasion does, this technique exfoliates with the help of a diamond-tipped wand or crystals. Other standard techniques include micro-needling, which is very popular. This technique relies on the natural collagen that your skin produces and pokes tiny punctures to help collagen production, which results in healthier skin.


Botox for Wrinkles and other methods

You must have heard of Botox. In this popular technique, we inject neurotoxins in your skin that allow your facial muscles to relax, thus letting the lines and wrinkles on your face disappear. In addition to this, there is also the injection of dermal fillers, which uses hyaluronic acid and poly-L-lactic acid. Laser skin resurfacing and face lifting is among two very popular techniques that are used for treating wrinkles and helping people get healthier, fresher, and younger-looking skin.


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At Wymore Laser and Anti-Aging medicine, we have been working tirelessly to give our clients’ skin the love and care it deserves. Be it Botox or any other available treatments for wrinkles; we guarantee that we will make your skin look younger and fresher. Our affordable prices alongside great results will make you not regret your decision. Contact us today! Book your appointment if you want to say goodbye to your facial wrinkles!


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