Different Types Of Juvederm Filler To Consider

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One of the most natural and reliable ways to enhance natural beauty is by adding a Juvederm filler to your regimen. If you’re considering adding Juvederm, read on to learn how to select the best filler for you and to find out why Wymore offers the Juvederm Orlando locals turn to. 


What Is A Juvederm Filler? 

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and drier. As our skin dries, it begins to sag. Hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule that occurs naturally in the skin, provides moisture and hydration. The aging process depletes our body’s HA supply, leaving our skin loose, dry and filled with wrinkles. 


Juvederm is an injectable that refills lost HA, restoring the plumpness and hydration of youth. Once injected, Juvederm begins to absorb water, instantly leaving you a noticeable decrease in the signs of aging.  


Different Types Explained 

At Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med, we know that everyone’s wellness journey is personal. That’s why we offer a range of filler types that can be customized to fit your goals. 


  • Juvederm Vollure XC – Used for moderate to severe wrinkles and plumping the skin, this lasts 18 months longer than other Juvederm products. It also tends to be less painful to inject and is associated with less swelling. 


  • Juvederm Volbella XC – Specifically designed for use around the lips and the surrounding area, this jell fills lines and wrinkles and helps skin retain moisture. The injection includes a local anesthetic, increasing treatment comfort. Results last up to a year. 


  • Juvederm Voluma XC – Formulated for the cheek area, this injectable primarily addresses loss in volume. The results can be dramatic, with patients reporting looking five years younger after a single treatment. Results last up to two years, with follow-up treatments typically requiring less product. 


  • Juvederm Ultra XC – Another injectable for the lip area, the Ultra formula will provide more dramatic results while still giving you a natural enhancement. Lasting up to a year, it also offers perioral rejuvenation, significantly reducing vertical lip lines’ appearance. 


  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC – For those looking for more dramatic results, Ultra Plus XC is for you. Dense and administered deep in the skin, Ultra Plus produces more volume and lift. You will be left with a significant enhancement that is still natural and fresh. 


The Juvederm Orlando Locals Trust 

When looking for Juvederm, Orlando locals turn to Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine because we offer cutting-edge procedures that are safe and effective. All of our treatments are administered by licensed, experienced personnel supervised by board-certified physicians, so you know your health is our top priority. And we value transparency. That is why we post complete professional bios of our medical team on our website. 


Contact Us 

If you’re considering a Juvederm filler, come see why Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med offers the Juvederm Orlando locals are looking for. Hey, this is your life. Why not take complete creative control? Give us a call for your free consultation today! 


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