Coolsculpting Vs. Fat Freezing: Which Is Best For You?

by | May 9, 2022 | CoolSculpting

What Is The Difference Between Fat Freezing And CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has been rising in popularity, thanks to the numerous advantages for patients. The non-invasive and non-surgical treatment removes subcutaneous fat from the body. It is also safe and effortlessly clears the unwanted fat permanently. You may have guessed by now that the fat freezing procedure destroys fat cells through freezing.


What’s Special About CoolSculpting?

When you lose some of those pounds naturally, your fat cells shrink in size. It’s expected that when you gain weight, these cells will also be filled with fats and grow bigger. With CoolSculpting treatments, you never have to worry about these cells as they are eliminated permanently.


Why Choose CoolSculpting Over Fat Freezing?

There is no precise answer to that because it all comes to branding! CoolSculpting is a procedure that utilizes controlled cooling to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. In contrast, fat freezing or cryolipolysis is the exposure to targeted body areas to extremely cold temperatures for the same purpose. You must have noticed that there are almost no differences between these two treatments.

Let’s go down memory lane. Remember when your doctor wrote down a prescription for you and sent you to the pharmacist? They may have asked if you preferred the costly branded product or the generic one with the same formulation. Remember that they have the same efficiency. In our case, the pharmaceutical name or active ingredient is cryolipolysis, but they can offer the medication of the specific brand (CoolSculpting). That said, there is essentially no variation in these two treatments. They are both attractive alternatives to liposuction with no downtime.


No Hassle With CoolSculpting In Orlando, Florida

When an exercise routine and diet are simply not enough to make the excess weight go away, welcome to the CoolSculpting world. Now, you can enjoy a seamless weight loss journey. How does it work? The applicator is placed directly on your skin with suction, carefully pulling the area of interest between two panels. The frozen cells are destroyed and removed from the body through natural processes.


What’s The Latest Discovery With Body Sculpting in Orlando?

The CoolSculpting technology just got a new addition to the team that is the CoolSculpting Elite. It is a more advanced treatment than its predecessor that boasts improved safety, superior comfort, and better efficacy in results. CoolSculpting works just fine and is still effective in fat reduction. But here is why CoolSculpting Elite will give you a run for your money:

  • Achievement of better results with fewer sessions

The up-to-the-minute technology and engineering foster faster results than before. With two applicators in each machine, more fat is frozen in fewer periods.

  • More reduction of fat

The new handpieces of this new tech cool more tissue for every cycle due to improved contact with the targeted areas. You can achieve more than what is usually achievable in one visit with the original machine.


Advanced comfort

The original CoolSculpting machine was all tight and downright uncomfortable. The new creation fits your body curves to promote better results with improved comfort. You experience less squeezing, thanks to the C-shape contour rather than the U-shape.

Weight loss and achieving the desired contour have never been this easy with Orlando CoolSculpting. The treatment is a safe and effective procedure that eliminates stubborn fat permanently. Most importantly, you should have the procedure done by qualified and certified professionals who prioritize your safety and adhere to high standards of conduct to ensure maximum results from every session.

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