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As you know, living in Orlando, Florida, comes with it’s perks of continual sunbathing and soaking up the sunshine on a daily basis. With an average of 233 sunny days a year, it’s no surprise if you start to find some dark spots on your skin. Don’t fret, as these are most likely sunspots or liver spots, also called hyperpigmentation. If you’re finding yourself wanting to remove these dark spots on the face, there are a few options to choose from. Here at Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine, we specialize in a chemical peel right here in Orlando that can remove those pesky dark spots for good. 


What Causes Dark Spots?

Dark spots can occur at any age and on any skin type. You will most likely see them on your face, hands, chest, arms and legs, as it’s most often found on sun exposed skin. Whenever your skin experiences an injury, the body’s natural response is to heal this area with a boost in melatonin. However, this can sometimes lead to an overproduction of melatonin to that specific area, causing the dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, to occur, most often in patches or spots. This can be due to acne, overexposure to the sun, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, stress, certain medications, and vitamin deficiencies. 


Removing Dark Spots On The Face

Chemical peels, whether done in Orlando or not, are a great way of eliminating any hyperpigmentation you may be experiencing. Peels are a chemical form of exfoliation that will slough off the top layer of dead skin, over the course of a few days. Most peels are designed to rid your skin of hyperpigmentation and dull complexion, and offer a variety of peels to accomplish these, among other skin care requests. Regular application and use of these peels will also help accomplish a better, firmer and more youthful appearance in your skin as well. You will most likely see results after your first chemical peel, but for an overall healthier skin tone, regular peels are recommended. There are different levels of peels as well, depending on what results are needed, and are listed as light, medium, and strong. One light peel, a detoxifying facial peel, is great for larger pores in your skin, and can help combat acne prone skin and oily skin as well. This peel helps to break up congestion within your pores, reduces redness, kills bacteria, and lessens the amount of excess dead skin to leave your skin more radiant, hydrated and clear. 


Before & After Peels

Most chemical peel appointments will be thirty minutes to an hour. Before getting a peel, it is recommended to talk to your doctor and make sure you don’t have any underlying conditions or medications that may interfere with the peel itself. If you are taking acne medications, such as Retin-A for example, it is recommended to avoid chemical peels altogether as this medication thins your outer layer of skin and makes it more difficult for your skin to heal after a chemical peel. Most aftercare depends on how strong of a peel you receive, but you do want to avoid any sun exposure after any peel, and applying sunscreen will be essential as your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays. Applying the right amount of moisturizer is also important to maintain your skin’s hydration during the healing process and not allowing it to dry out excessively. 


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Ready to remove those dark spots on your face? An Orlando chemical peel is just the answer! Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine offers a variety of chemical peels equipped to help you deal with hyperpigmentation while also deeply cleansing and purifying your skin to reveal your true radiance. Call us today!


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