Top 10 skincare tips to keep your skin look fresh and healthy

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We all have those moments where we stop by and look at every reflective surface on our way to work, walking, jogging, at home, anywhere, to take a quick glance at ourselves. Taking care of your skin is important because having glowing, smooth, good-looking skin makes one feel better and confident. And therefore, you often find yourself surfing through articles, videos and infographics, looking for skincare tips for fresh-looking skin. As an established skin laser therapy brand, Wymore laser brings you some tips that are vital to your skin.

Healthy skincare tips for fresh looking skin

  1. Hydrate

The first and foremost rule of skincare is hydrating inside and out. Drinking an ample amount of water daily is important for glowing and radiant skin. Washing your face regularly, especially before bed, helps you get rid of the flaky, dead cells, making your skin smooth, healthy and soft.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing daily is crucial ,but it keeps your skin smooth and helps maintain a toned texture. Check with your dermatologist and get for yourself a moisturizer that best suits your skin.

  1. Cleanse

To remove dirt and harmful toxins, cleanse your skin daily. Even if you are not wearing makeup, using a good cleanser would give you healthy-looking skin while retaining the essential natural oils.

  1. Exfoliate

The dry and dead skin cells give you a dull look and add to the wrinkles. Exfoliating at least twice a week helps prevent lines and signs of ageing while it gives you a fresh look.

  1. Avoid direct sun exposure

Sunlight has many harmful effects on your skin. It causes lines, dark spots and makes you look older. Using generous amounts of sunscreen and wearing protective clothing can help alleviate the effects and make your skin look younger and healthier.

  1. Go green 

Eating and drinking green vegetables and chlorophyll based drinks don’t just oxygenate the skin but also stimulate de-puffing.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Consuming a healthy diet containing omega-3 fatty acids, carbs and proteins can boost your collagen and help keep a fit body.

  1. Sleep well

Getting good sleep can work like magic on your skin. A proper position can improve lymphatic drainage and collagen production, leaving a moisturized radiant effect.

  1. Stress management

Research shows that high-stress levels can lead to the development of acne and wrinkles. Taking care of your health is imperative for fresh-looking skin.

  1. Vitamins

Know that vitamin c is your best friend. It boosts collagen, helps diminish fine lines, gets rid of blemishes, and leaves you with youthful skin.

How does laser help?

As you age, your skin starts reflecting it. Wrinkles, blemishes, and just general dullness come with time, and your regular skincare routine might not give you the best results. This is where laser skin therapy comes in. An incredible technology that can help you achieve your ideal skin and body type. From limiting to stopping unwanted hair growth to reducing wrinkles and skin irregularities, blemishes, scars- all of that can be made possible by laser treatment. So, if you feel your skin lacks a glowing, healthy  element, give it a shot.

Why choose the Wymore laser?

While laser treatment is a great tool, it can also damage your skin if not done correctly. At Wymore Laser, we have expert aestheticians who are well trained in botox, laser hair removal, anti-ageing treatment, body contouring – offering the best service at competitive rates. Now whether you want to burn some fat or add volume to your lips- we are your go-to. At Wymore Laser, we value our customers, and your satisfaction is our foremost priority. Achieving the ideal skin and body type in a pain-free manner is possible for FL residents. Contact us today.

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