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If you live in Orlando, you know there is always a new skincare treatment fad on the market. With so many options, it can be hard to keep up with what works. Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med knows that microneedling is a procedure that can help restore your skin to the radiance you once enjoyed. Do not let the name fool you; microneedling is not as dangerous or extreme as it sounds. It is safe enough that you can do it at home. More on that later. The procedure has been around for several years but recently began to see a rise in popularity. Want to know more? Keep reading to see the type of microneedling Orlando locals trust from our company.


A Skincare Treatment With Needles?

Yes, it is a needle, but do not worry, the procedure uses either 0.3mm or 0.5mm sized needles on a roller packed closely together, depending on whether you are working at home by yourself or receiving the treatment from a professional. When gently rolled across the face, the needles penetrate the top layer of skin. These small punctures cause the body’s natural healing system to kick in, repairing and restoring your skin to its younger, smoother, healthier appearance.


It will take several weeks for the treatments to improve your skin; after that, you will need to continue to have the procedure performed regularly. Where you have the treatment performed is up to you. Keep reading to find out your options.


Two Ways to Enjoy Treatments

To enjoy the benefits of microneedling Orlando is used to, you have a couple of choices. 

  • DIY at home – If you are going it alone, you must thoroughly clean your skin before every treatment. Not doing so could lead to a nasty infection. Your home treatment will see you using the smaller 0.3mm needles. The roller must be sterilized after every treatment in a rubbing alcohol bath for around five minutes. Only use the roller a couple of times a week at first to avoid irritation. Only use the needle and rollers 10 to 15 times before altogether purchasing a new one.
  • Office visit – Having the procedure done in an office setting will see your dermatologist or esthetician using the 0.5mm needles. With the longer needles, there is a potential for more significant results. Since the needles puncture slightly deeper than the home version, a topical anesthetic cream will be used to ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible. Expect to spend upwards of 30 minutes at the office.


What is Improved?

Microneedling provides astonishing improvements to a host of skin conditions such as: 

  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Thinning Skin


But remember, you will need to continue treatments to prolong the results. If you stick with treatments and apply proper serum creams, you will see improvements in only a few weeks. Just remember, when out in the Florida sun, apply sunscreen, as your skin will be more sensitive immediately after treatments.


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Stop looking at fads for skincare treatment. Call or visit Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med for microneedling Orlando locals depend on. Let your skin shine again!


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