Nothing rejuvenates a body like the removal of stretch mark scars. Feel proud of your body like you haven’t in years, whether in the mirror or at the beach. Almost as remarkable as the change you’ll see is the low price and ease of the procedure. There are payment plans that keep the process stress-free, and you’ll find that your skin looks like new once a few weeks have passed. It’s true, there is a recovery period, but come on – it’s a laser that removes body tissue! If you want your body to look new again, take a look at the services offered by Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med in Orlando. 


Make Your Stretch Mark Scars Much Less Noticeable

Our stretch mark laser removal removes skin tissue in no more than 30 minutes per session. Additionally, the procedure only produces mild discomfort. It’s an unbelievably small price to pay for such a huge cosmetic difference! You may not think much about your stretch marks now, but once you’ve done the procedure and you look down and notice smooth, young-looking skin there, you’ll wonder how you lived so long with stretch marks when you didn’t need to. It’s amazing how night-and-day the results are with so little fuss! Being self-conscious about your stretch marks is not easy. With our treatments, you won’t have to hide your body again. 


Is It Permanent?

Stretch mark laser removal isn’t as permanent as a more invasive surgical procedure, but the results last for years. If you spread out the cost and consider how much you’re paying per year of smooth, young skin, it starts to look like pennies. Experts say that the way you treat your skin affects how long the results last, so consider this an opportunity to turn over a new leaf with your skincare regimen! You are entering a new chapter in your life, after all – a chapter where the scars of the past literally fade away. 


Plan Ahead To Reduce Costs

A range of financing options means you can enjoy your pristine, new skin with small monthly payments. Likewise, allocate some time after the procedure so you can follow your doctor’s recovery instructions as fully as possible. The skin will appear raw right after the procedure, but don’t worry. That clears up in a few weeks, especially if you take the time to rest properly. Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning when you can expect to wake up and find a body that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Lastly, look into holiday packages for special discounts. 


Contact Us

With the latest technology, stretch mark scars can be a thing of the past. You’ll be ready to flaunt your new body like never before once you’ve had our treatments. Stretch mark laser removal is not the most expensive procedure you can get done, but you can always find ways to cut costs, and we are more than happy to work with you on that.  Contact the professionals at Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Med today in Orlando to find out more and set up a consultation!

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